November 16, 2022

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The latest on confined spaces

Reducing dust combustion hazards with an industrial dust collection system

Many industries generate a range of combustible dust during stages of the manufacturing and shutdown processes. The toxic and irritating dust released into the air can affect your team and can accumulate on surfaces and in crevices throughout the plant.

Why your jobsite should consider a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental

It is important for your jobsite to have a safe and comfortable work environment for those who are working within the site, and this includes maintaining good indoor air quality for both the health of the workers and productivity of the manufacturing processes.

Making confined spaces safe with particle filtration

Working in confined spaces often means your employees are working under less-than-ideal conditions. As Canada’s leading provider of confined space safety services, Proveo can assist with all aspects of confined space management, including particle filtration. Particle filtration can improve working conditions within a confined space considerably and reduce risk to your employees’ overall health and well-being.