RCSM works by having technicians monitoring a confined space via an offsite screen. Each technician is able to watch 12 zones at once, which reduces the number of man hours. Traditional confined space monitoring relies on a 1:1 monitoring ratio, while Proveo’s technology allows for a 12:1 monitoring ratio. Saving you money.

Many shutdown and turnaround activities within a confined space create combustible dust. This dust can be a dangerous fire risk and health risk for the workers within the space. Filtering dust particles from the air creates a safer work environment for employees and reduces the risk of fire or explosion.

By monitoring the entrances of a confined space our technicians are able to see who is currently working within the confined space, maintain an accurate occupant count, communicate with those within the space and provide accurate information to emergency response teams in the event of an emergency. Safety matters.

It is important to control the climate within a confined space in order to keep the area comfortable for workers. While cooling is essential in summer months, there is also a need for heating in the colder months. Due to the risk of fire and explosion, it is important to use a safe method to provide heat to the space. Proveo’s ventilation technicians are experts in providing flameless heating options for confined spaces that allow for an extra level of cautiousness.

Our enhanced gas detection and monitoring (EGDM) exceeds the minimum standard for gas detection of confined spaces and takes area monitoring to the next level. By using our technology to continually monitor gases within a space, we have real-time information about current conditions. Traditional methods involve periodic testing which results in a lag in data. Our systems go above and beyond, keeping your worksite and your team safe.