Why your jobsite should consider a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental

It is important for your jobsite to have a safe and comfortable work environment for those who are working within the site, and this includes maintaining good indoor air quality for both the health of the workers and productivity of the manufacturing processes. The level of humidity in your facility is an important factor and an HVAC system cannot do enough to make a significant impact against an increase in moisture level. Relative humidity encourages condensation on cold surfaces which can lead to mold growth, corrosion or slipping hazards. If your space has become muggy, you may need to consider a commercial dehumidifier to alleviate the issue.

The top reasons for renting commercial dehumidifier equipment include:

Health benefits

A jobsite is unsafe for everyone when humidity reaches high levels. Relative humidity levels above 60 percent creates an optimal breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus, especially in ducts, vents and hidden areas around equipment. These micro-organisms pose a danger to the health of those working within the space and can result in allergy issues and asthma attacks. High humidity can also cause mental fatigue, dehydration, lethargy and other respiratory equipment.

Reduced energy costs

Humidity goes hand-in-hand with heat, and when heat levels within a workspace soar, it requires the air conditioning to put in extra effort. An air conditioner running at max means an extra expense for your jobsite. With a commercial dehumidifier rental, you won’t have to run the air conditioning in excess to cool your space, thus reducing operational costs.

Prevent condensation

If a job involves the use of electronics, having a commercial dehumidifier rental is vital to the prevention of condensation. Moisture can build up inside electronic equipment and other machines, resulting in short circuits which can cause fires and other irreparable damages.

Raising product quality

A product’s quality produces many benefits, including an effective process control system, reduced product waste, reduced energy costs and consumer demand. Having a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental can control moisture in a facility. Reduced moisture promote the production of quality products, which in turn drives the demand for a product.

To prevent the effects of excessive moisture in your worksite, consider a commercial dehumidifier equipment rental. Our team will be happy to assess your needs and make recommendations. Contact us today.