Syncrude Mamawi TA, 2023

Proveo was entrusted by Syncrude Canada Ltd to facilitate Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM) services for the MAMAWI Event. We have been providing RCSM to Syncrude since 2018.

Challenge: Executing two innovations which served to enhance our RCSM system to produce results, as well as our corporate commitment to continuous improvement. This is the first step towards a fully integrated Confined Space Management system.

Action: During the MAMWI Event our RCSM technology was applied to 32 confined spaces.


  • Overall cost savings vs traditional confined space management: 45.3%
  • Reduced risk exposure hours for personnel: 15,734 hours

Takeaway: Proveo were successful in meeting the deliverables of our goals. By maintaining our pre-deployment plan we were able to ensure successful deployment of the technology. We maintained a corporate initiative to rapidly deploy and decommission the technology.

Risk exposure hours reduced

15,734 hours

Total cost reduction

45.3 %

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Syncrude Mamawi TA, 2023


Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM)