Plant Outage, 2017

Proveo was requested to provide Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM) technology at an oil sands plant in Northern Alberta.

Challenge: This was Proveo’s first project monitoring 7 gasses continuously and simultaneously.

Action: This project was successful through the largest deployment of Draeger gas detection systems and our knowledgeable RCSM Technician team.


  • Overall cost savings of RCSM vs traditional confined space management for this project was 28.71%
  • Reduce the risk exposure hours for personnel 10,468 hours

Takeaway:  The use of RCSM is superior both through its safety benefits as well as the cost benefits to client.

Risk exposure hours reduced

10,468 hours

Total cost reduction

28.71 %

Project details


Northern Alberta Plant Outage - 2017


Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM)