IOL Kearl K1 Shutdown, 2022

Proveo was  chosen by IOL to facilitate the Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM) for the second time in K1 froth and extraction for the 2022 Event. 

Challenge: Looking to improve on and increase our ability to provide confined space safety solution, and operational excellence. 

Action: Our RCSM technology was applied to 24 confined spaces, enabling IOL to reduce an estimated 18 safety watch per shift. 


  • Overall cost savings vs traditional confined space management: 38%
  • Reduced risk exposure hours for personnel: 6,626 hours

Takeaway: Our confined space management systems can be integrated into any job site and our team is ready and able to assist in the set up without any injuries or damage to equipment or environment.

Risk exposure hours reduced

6,626 hours

Total cost reduction

38.0 %

Project details


IOL Kearl K1 Shutdown - 2022


Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM)